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How to use the She Does Tri Forum

Hello Ladies of She Does Tri,

I hope you are having a great 2016. Many of you are signing up for 2016 races and events. You can comment on or share events on our forum under the Team Forum tab. To add an event or topic, click on the "+" sign to the top right of the page and then save your post by clicking "publish" at the bottom left of the page. 

Some of the She Does Tri girls have mentioned doing events like Timberman 70.3 and Harvest Moon Triathlon this year. The forum helps us get insight into the best races, what the race courses and venues has to offer and accommodations for travel.  You can also find women racing the same events or motivate others to join an event!

In order to stay updated on events added by team members you can update your email settings (see instructions below) or check the website forum.

1. Go to

2. Click on the tab, "My Page" at the top.

3. Click on "Options" (located on the right side of the page, under your cover photo).

4. Click on "Edit Profile" which is under the "Options" tab.

5. Finally click on "Email" at the top of the page and check off which email updates you would like to receive.

Please click on this LINK for more detailed instructions or email me at:

Thank you for being a part of the She Does Tri Community and I look forward to hearing from you!

Coach Krista

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Oct 26
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Oct 15
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Aug 28
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Jul 28
Two weeks out from my 1st sprint tri. I am super nervous but excited. Hadn't riden a bike in 15 years when I started on this journey and I had to learn how to swim. Can't wait to see how it goes...
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Apr 30
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Feb 12
Remember Barb's Race? It's back on July 22, 2017 as Barb's Tri - the only all-women's triathlon in Northern California to raise money for people with a cancer diagnosis.

The event will feature Sprint, Olympic and Duathlon races.

Learn more: http:…
Training for a Sprint, Olympic, IRONMAN 70.3 or IRONMAN in 2017? Train with confidence and purpose using one of our training plans including plans designed specifically for women at: Happy holidays!
New discount codes are available to TEAM She Does Tri members for the 2017 Luray International and Sprint Triathlons on the Sponsors page: Happy holidays!
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Nov 14, 2016
Excited about turning 50 in January! I'm running better than I have in years! No secret. Just eating balanced and working my butt off.
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Nov 13, 2016
Rebecca Mitchell updated their profile
Nov 13, 2016