What causes chronic pain? The common denominator.

As a long time Exercise Physiologist, Strength and Endurance coach I am familiar with exercise prescription, rehabilitation and body mechanics. When I met Dr. Dave Boynton of North Boulder Chiropractic, I had a severely weak left side and needed to improve my movement patterns in order to prevent injury and pain from occurring and reoccurring. Strength training has always kept my body in balance but I had stopped strength work for a period of time and needed to recreate better movement patterns within my strength exercises and endurance training. Dr. Dave introduced me to Foundations exercises which has helped tremendously and proven to be a great supplement to my strength routines. 

Here's the proof: In 2014 I decreased my running volume significantly and ran only 3 times each week. In addition to decreasing running volume I increased strength work by including foundations with resistance training. The result of this change lead to my first ever win in a half marathon and a personal record in the half marathon distance in my 15+ years of competitive running. 

What is Foundations?

Foundations was created by Dr. Dave's friend Dr. Eric Goodman who developed these routines to help chronic pain. Dr. Goodman discusses the underlying cause of chronic pain in his Ted Talk The Unexpected Physical Consequences Of Technology. In his Ted talk Dr. Goodman explains how poor posture results in poor mechanics which lead to chronic pain and a common denominator of chronic pain is the inability to hinge at the hips. 

How to Hip Hinge:

A great way to accomplish the hip hinge is by performing a overhead squat with a stick. I use the overhead squat as an assessment for hip and shoulder mobility as well as a warmup for strength work. Dr. Goodman explains the ability to hinge at your hip joints will keep the front of your body long instead of bending at the spine and keeping the body short as if you are seated and hunched forward. 

As a competitive triathlete and coach I am always working toward improving my training and coaching methods to help my athletes stay injury free and perform at their optimal level. Dr. Dave Boynton and Dr. Eric Goodman have expanded my tool box of exercises which has helped me and my athletes achieve more success in sport.

Here is a 12min Foundations routine you can try: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BOTvaRaDjI. If you need help with a strength training routine contact me at Krista@shedoestri.com 

Happy training!


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  • I'm so happy you shared the Foundations routine with me!  Its definitely helping me with my weaknesses.  I plan on keeping it in my regimen year round now!  Thank you!

    • So glad to hear that Monica, I am glad it's helping! Keep up the great work!

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